28 reasons; seulgi

oct 7 2022

Kang Seulgi from the girl group Red Velvet has finally made her own solo debut with the delightfully dark album, 28 Reasons. While the music video was a big letdown (What happened to all the cool stuff from the teasers? Where are the schoolgirls, Snow White, and the witch?) the album itself is solid. There wasn't a track that really blew my socks off, but I think its a well put together album with some really nice songs.

The thing that I really appreciate about this album is that it feels like Seulgi. The Red Velvet solos that have been released have all done a pretty good job of feeling true and authentic to the member's stage persona, which makes them almost guaranteed to be smash hits with the fans of that girl. Seulgi is no exception, but it's a visual aesthetic that I personally love. I think the bloody, dark, witchy visuals are perfect for October (and I expect to see Interview with the Vampire fancams ASAP. Get on it!).

The song "28 Reasons" is subtle, but has a rich soundscape. A sound with such a simplistic melody could easily feel empty and boring, but the variety of layers and textures in the instrumental keep it fresh and interesting. Seulgi also has an amazing voice, one that really fits the vibe of the song. In Red Velvet, Seulgi has always been pulling double-duty as a main dancer and vocalist, but I was taken aback at her belting power on this album, on "28 Reasons" and "Dead Man Runnin'".

The only song on the album I don't really like is "Bad Boy, Sad Girl" (a collab song featuring BE'O). It's just such a boring and basic chorus, not anything narratively or melodically interesting. The random man rapping just does not fit with the overall mood and tone of the album. Even the song itself feels kind of generic and out of place. It's "Collab Song: The Song." It's times like this I really wish Taemin was out of the military already because I know he could've thrown DOWN on this album.

This isn't an album that has a stand out smash hit, but it's not trying to be. The album is trying to seduce you. I think it's a great debut for Seulgi and a really solid album in general.

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