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about me...

im a 21 year old student and my name is crow! :) im not a fan of social media but i do love online communities which is why i decided to join neocities! i'm entirely self taught with css and html so please lmk if anything on the site is broken or weird!

i'm in college and study english (lame, i know). i love reading and writing, and this website is a fun little way for me to work on my htmlcss skills while also practicing and displaying my writing too!

i like...

gay people covered in blood making out, evil women, pasta, potatoes, nissin hot & spicy chicken ramen with chili packet, being pretentious abt literature (but not too pretentious)

my favorite bands are loona, my chemical romance, fall out boy, fiona apple, blur, izone, red velvet, gwsn, & txt

my favorite authors are ursula k le guin & seth dickinson

my favorite games are final fantasy 14, destiny 2, disco elysium, tloz, dragon age, mass effect, dishonored, (through gritted teeth) overwatch & league of legends

my favorite tv shows/movies are the terror, hannibal, the untamed, velvet goldmine, saw 2004, interview with the vampire (both versions)

wanna know more about stuff i love? check out my shrines page!

i don't like...

my food allergies (tree nuts and shellfish D:), passive aggressive people, people who walk really slow because they're looking at their phones, tiktok